Xandra Gregory

The Passion of a Thousand Burning Suns

Science Fiction Romance Hot Enough to Stave Off the Heat Death of the Universe

Jolly RogeredJolly Rogered cover art

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

ISBN 978-1-59578-593-0 (Out Of Print)

Length: Full-length Novel (40,000+ words)

On the run from a social crime punishable by imprisonment, Roger Ellison practically washes up on the shores of Isla Algunavez, a small, uncharted Caribbean island whose history is steeped in piracy and whose modernity is The Villa, a sex resort catering to the wealthy, fantastic, and fabulous, headed up by the most notorious sex pirate of the bunch, Nigel Fortescue, who lives life with neither apology nor regret.

Roger’s innocence intrigues Nigel long enough to get into his pants, and Roger’s relationship with Nigel opens not only his pants, but his mind as well. But for Roger, the Villa can only ever be a brief stopover on his journey, and when Roger’s past catches up with him, threatening to attract the attention of the US government, he must choose to leave the man who awakened him, and leave with apologies that can never be enough, and regrets that will always be too much.…Read an excerpt…

Alien CommunionAlien Communion Cover

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

ISBN 1-59578-216-8 (Out Of Print)

PRINT ISBN 1-59578-241-9 (ISBN-13: 978-1-59578-2410) (Out Of Print)

Length: Full-length Novel (50,000+ words)

How far would a woman go to fulfill her deepest desires?

For researcher Dr. Rayne Warren, an illicit “experiment” with alien simulation technology opens the door. Then she discovers her “simulation” is a real-live Alcaini warrior with an out-of-this-world hunger of his own, who will stop at nothing to keep his human lover–even if it means interplanetary war.

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A Witch In TimeA Witch In Time Cover


Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

ISBN: 1-59578-283-4 (Out Of Print)

Length: Novella (18,000 words)

When a Lunar mining accident trapped Lin Itoh and her fellow miners, she never expected the Moon goddess she prayed to to actually come to her aid. The simple bargain she makes with Diana to find one of the Lady’s Hounds gone astray goes sour when Lin discovers the Hound is actually the hot stranger she just had sex with, and he had very good reasons for running from his mistress.

Lin’s attempt to fulfill her bargain gets more complicated when she discovers just how much of mankind’s mythology came with them to the stars. And to keep the inner solar system from erupting into chaos, Lady’s Hound Rex and his Packmate Max must show Lin that their animal instincts are exactly what she needs to heal the ailing Moon goddess and her own remote heart.

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